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Blog will remain backbone | website is added value

After some thought i have decided to keep this weblog alive and kicking.

One reason is because the weblog runs on great software, WordPress. There is a new website and last weekend i put op the 1st version at …

Now that is the link, soon the website will grow.


Major ‘puter repair job RL

There is so much dust and dirt on the so called MoBo of my computer.

It is a second hand thingie and i have removed the casing months ago, so it just sits there on a plank on top of a table close to my desk.

The was a problem with the HardDisk (HD) … HD often suddenly failed 😦

Past few weeks I changed those flat cables with many thin wires … did not help at all. Recently i switched plugs of the power cable to the HD and the problem was solved.

Last post, blog will continue

It’s been nice to work on this blog, usign WordPress.

Soon there will be a website … all stuff on this blog will be deleted in a week or two. Only friends will be notified of the the weblink.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 / Clannad

17th of March that is.

Would be nice to celebrate it with a few friends from SL in RL 🙂

There are many fun traditional folk songs, but a Clannad song sounds like haunting. Harry’s Game,  google that. The song was used in a film even?

Back on the fast Track

Oh, dear Goddess having no proper internet in a new flat is hard. With a mobile phone it is possible to do FB and with an app one can improvise a bit in SL … like chit-chat with friends. The real deal it is not, no way, nada.

But … after this weekend flats like mine will get hooked up to internet and the connection will be very fast 100 Mb 🙂

So, this fast and awesome vamp will soon be back … on the fast track. Like a flying started with a tweaked turbo, hehe.

By the motorway, RL i got a magazine on Android phone = is vely intelesting indeed. [ Accent is make in Hongkong ].

Ciao Ciao

Posted from WordPress for Android on THC


Hiatus until Feb. 2012 😦

Posted from WordPress for Android on THC

Song list New Years Eve 2011, part 1 / DJ set :)

Chumbawamba – Bella Ciao
Dropkick Murphies – Amazing Grace
Queen + Bowie – Under Pressure
Joy Division – Transmission
Temple Tudor – Wunderbar
Laibach – Final Countdown (cover)
Boston – Amanda
Velvet Underground – ?
Imelda May – Tainted Love (cover)
Dream Theater – Small Town Boy (cover)
Bad Religion – Kerosine

Take care, DJ GateJumper 🙂

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